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Attitude MMA Fights II – 07/12/14

Attitude MMA Fights II

Our second MMA fight night is on Saturday July 12th, 2014 at the Attitude MMA Arena in Lakeland TN.  Doors open at 6pm and fights begin at 7pm.  Thirteen matches are scheduled, including our first two fights in the women’s division, and five title fights in the main events.

In our first co-main event, former NFL cheerleader Rachel Wray from Team UFC Gym in Fayetteville will be fighting Jamie “Pretty Assassin” Clinton of Team Bugatti Assassins for the 135 lbs women’s title. Mark Salas Concepcion, also from Team Bugatti Assassins, will face Sydney Carson of Team Phalanx & Memphis MMA for the 135 lbs men’s title. Brian Gurley from Team Mid-South will fight Terry Johnson for the 205 lbs title, and Brendan Allen from Team Gracie United is against Jake Westmoreland from Team Independent for the 170 lbs belt. The main event pits Kevin Henry from Team Phalanx & Memphis MMA against Kyle Jones of Team LC for the 155 lbs belt.

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155 – Cole Howell (Team Sacrifice)  vs.  Jordan Johnson (Team LC)

155 – Greg Hussey (Team Havoc)  vs.  Kristian Harrell (Team Jackson)

145 – Blake Dunn (Team UFK)  vs.  Robert Mason (Team Phalanx)

155 – Brandon Gaitor (Team UFC Gym Cordova)  vs.  Lawrence Ertolacci (Team UFC Gym Fayetteville)

135 – Andrea Wilson (Team UFK)  vs.  Toni Tallman (Team UFC Gym Fayetteville)

170 – Miguel Flores  (Team Phalanx & Memphis MMA)  vs.  Dustin Meshell (Team New Breed)

220 – Chaz Jourdan (Team Independent)  vs.  Dexter Reed (Team New Breed)

155 – Cody Arnold (Team Independent)  vs.  Alex Castanada (Team UFC Gym Fayetteville)

135 Belt – Jamie Clinton (Team Bugatti Assassins)  vs.  Rachel Wray (Team UFC Gym Fayetteville)

135 Belt – Mark Salas Concepcion (Team Bugatti Assassins)  vs.  Sydney Carson (Team Phalanx & Memphis MMA)

205 Belt – Brian Gurley (Team Mid-South)  vs.  Terry Johnson (Team UFC Gym Germantown)

170 Belt – Brendan Allen (Team Gracie United)  vs. Jake Westmoreland (Team Independent)

155 Belt – Kyle Jones (Team LC)  vs.  Kevin Henry (Team Phalanx & Memphis MMA)