• Attitude MMA Fights
    Attitude MMA Fights
    Photos of Attitude MMA Fights XXIII (April 23rd, 2022) by Sun Bear Photography
    Attitude MMA Fights
    Attitude MMA Fights
    • Fight of the Night Bonus goes to A’Keem Bashir vs Nathan Gilmore, who’s battle went the full distance and ended in a split decision for A’Keem!

    • Submission of the Night awarded to Jarious Gill, who finished Chase Mann with a nasty standing guillotine in the 1st round!

    • KO of the Night is being polled in our community group between TJ Welch and Danny Barlow, who both finished their opponents in the 1st round with head kicks. Winner will be announced Wednesday so go vote now!

    Big thanks to all the fighters, coaches, and teams for their amazing effort, dedication, and professionalism. A special thanks to Memphis Music Room for having us be the debut event in their new venue! We’ll have a date for Attitude MMA Fights XXIV in the next few days!

    Attitude MMA Fights
    Attitude MMA Fights
    The poll is open in our Attitude MMA Community group! Who should get Knock Out of the Night for Attitude MMA Fights XXIII? Join now and let us know!
    Attitude MMA Fights
    Attitude MMA Fights
    Congratulations Mohammad Ihmoud, the new Attitude MMA amateur Bantamweight Champion!
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About Us

We are Attitude MMA Fights, a mixed martial arts fight promotion, pitting highly skilled Mid-South competitors inside the cage to vie for title, pride and glory. Similar to the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), our organization holds exciting, live mixed martial arts events with extreme full contact action for local fans of the sport to experience in person and fans across the world to watch online. Attitude MMA events are fun and well organized, and we pride ourselves on facilitating an environment that puts the fighters’ safety and career before the promotion. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!


Owner & President - Paul Rovane
Head Promoter - Chad Chilcutt
Creative Director & Production Manager - Vacant
Match Maker - Scotty Swanger


Attitude MMA Fights is a mixed martial arts promotion based in Memphis, TN. Originally founded by Chad Chilcutt in 2014, Attitude MMA has since put on numerous mixed martial arts events in the mid-south featuring both amateur and professional bouts. Following Mr. Chilcutt’s 2016 appointment as the Athletics Commissioner of Tennessee, Attitude MMA experienced a one year hiatus, at which point it returned under new ownership with Attitude MMA Fights 8 in April of 2017. We currently hold 4 to 5 mixed martial arts event each year.


For fight news, updates, and event results follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
For general inquiries email us at info@AttitudeMMA.com